Specialist Opinion Group Strengthened Under New Acquisition

SYDNEY: The COVID19 pandemic has proven to be no barrier to the acquisition of another personal injury assessment services company by Nordwake Pty Ltd.

Specialist Opinion Group (SOG) is the latest company to join the suite of businesses belonging to the Nordwake group, with Independent Medical Opinion (IMO); Medico Legal Reporting Services Australia (MLRSA); Vocational Capacity Centre (VCC); Complete Domestic Care (CDC) and 3DMind Solutions (3DMS) already supported within the Nordwake operations.

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medic-legal reporting

Medical Negligence Reports

SOG offers comprehensive independent medical examinations and have been sourcing expert medical practitioners across the entire medico-legal spectrum for over 20 years, and the area of medical negligence is no exception.

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Neuropsychological Assessment: What is it and When is it Needed?

One of the many assessments that can be taken is a neuropsychological assessment which focuses on the relationship between cognitive function and brain behaviour. In his article, our consultant forensic psychologist, Mr Greg Fathers, takes us through the difference between psychological, neuropsychological and forensic neuropsychological assessments; what they involve, and when these assessments should be performed.

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COVID-19 Announcement

We would like to assure our clients that at Specialist Opinion Group, we are taking all the necessary precautions that the NSW Health is recommending to prevent the spread of COVID-19. We continue to closely monitor the advice of NSW Health.

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medico-legal assessment

Needing a Fitness for Duty Assessment/Evaluation

Mental and physical wellbeing play a vital role in paving the road to recovery from injury or illness and are critical when returning to everyday, suitable duties. Without careful consideration and assessment – returning to work may pose further complications.

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Medico Legal Specialists

Different types of independent medical examinations (SIRA)

List of different types of independent medical examinations and relation information via SIRA. Use this page to find publications.

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SIRA list of publications (State Insurance Regulatory Authority)

List of SIRA publications. Use this page to find publications by scheme. Use this page to find publications.

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – a balanced view

In keeping with our policy of providing objective, unbiased and independent medical reporting to guide the examining practitioner, we have posted an informative article on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – one of the most common hand conditions seen in clinical practice.

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Expert Witness Services by SOG consultant dentist

SMH article on a report tabled as evidence, by an SOG consultant dentist, Dr Andrew Howe. Use this page to find publications.

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