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Specialist Opinion Group facilitates access to reputable and qualified specialists highly experienced in the provision of Independent Medical Examinations (IMEs), including Whole Person Impairment Assessments (WPI), Total & Permanent Disability Assessments (TPD) as well as assessments to assist with determining work capacity, including Functional Capacity Evaluations, Fitness for Duty Assessments and Vocational Assessments, amongst many other medico-legal services.

Our team of expert physicians and doctors have over 25 years’ experience providing medico legal services to clients across every industry and our professional yet personal approach to both the assessment and the reporting of your case is guaranteed to impress.

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Our Assessment

  • Activities of Daily Living Assessments
  • Compulsory Third Party Claims (CTP) Assessments
  • Department of Veterans Affairs & Defence Assessments
  • Early Intervention Assessments
  • Earning Capacity Assessments (ECA)
  • File Reviews & Paper Based Assessments (PBA)
  • Fitness for Duty AssessmentsNeeding a Fitness for Duty Assessment/Evaluation
  • Fitness for Employment Assessments
  • Fitness for Work Assessments & Reporting
  • Fitness to Continue Assessments
  • Functional Capacity Assessments
  • Functional Capacity Evaluation (FAE) Assessments
  • Impairment Assessments
  • Impairment Disability Assessments
  • Income Protection Negligence Assessments
  • Independent Medical Assessments (Physical, Psychological and Psychiatric)
  • IME’s – Independent Medical ExaminationsDifferent types of independent medical examinations (SIRA)
  • IMC’s – Injury Management Assessments
  • Life & Disability Assessments
  • Life & Income Protection Assessments
  • Maximum Medical Improvement Assessments (MMI)
  • Medical Negligence Assessment and Report
  • Medical Negligence – File Review and Assessments
  • Medical Panel Assessments
  • MMPI – Psychological Tests
  • MMPI2 (Psychological) Assessments
  • MAA – Motor Accident Assessments (CTP)
  • Neuropsychological Assessments (Cognitive impairment)
  • Personal Injury Assessments
  • Personality Assessment Inventory (PAI) - Psychological
  • Pre-liability Workplace Assessments
  • Pre-liability Workplace Reporting
  • Pre-employment Medicals and Assessments
  • Psychometric Assessments
  • Psychogenic Movements Disorder Assessments (PMD)
  • Radiology/Diagnostic Interpretation
  • Return to Work Medicals & Assessments
  • Section 40 (Incorporates a Functional and Vocational Assessment) & Section 66
  • Second opinion in relation to Illness/injury
  • Site Visits, Prison and Home
  • Skype Psychiatric AssessmentsBook an assessment for comprehensive, easy-to-read, reliable, accurate medico-legal Psychiatric Skype Assessment reviews
  • Superannuation Entitlement Assessments
  • Vocational Assessments
  • Vocational Potential Assessments
  • Whole Person Permanent and Non-Permanent Assessments
  • Work Capacity Assessments

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